Low noise pipes

Polytron Stilte White 50

10 years warranty

The sound of exhaust water in the sewage system is one of the sources of noise in residential buildings. The use of low noise pipes Polytron Stilte allows you to create indoor acoustic comfort.

Polytron Stilte DN 50 mm pipes are recommended to be used for the internal laying of sewage networks in the apartment, as well as for draining drains from the bathtub or shower.

Polytron Stilte pipes are fully compatible with Polytron Comfort pipes and fittings, but to ensure a minimum level of noise it is recommended to install the entire system of Polytron Stilte pipes and fittings.



  • Type: Pipes and fittings for domestic sewage
  • Maximum operating temperature: +95°С
  • Material: Mineral Polypropylene
  • Design: monolithic
  • Life time: 50 years