Low noise pipes

Polytron Stilte White 160

10 years warranty

Due to the presence of a special sound-absorbing layer, pipes for low-noise internal sewage Polytron Stilte DN 160 have excellent sound insulation properties. These pipes are recommended for use in apartments, private houses, hotels, resorts, and other areas in which the provision of silence is especially important. Polytron Stilte pipes may be used for the construction of internal drainage in buildings of small number of floors. The use of a special composition for the manufacture of the middle layer of Polytron Stilte pipes also reduces the thermal conductivity and thermal expansion of these pipes.



  • Type: Pipes and fittings for domestic sewage
  • Maximum operating temperature: +95°С
  • Material: Mineral Polypropylene
  • Design: monolithic
  • Life time: 50 years