Polypropylene glass fiber-reinforced pipes RUBIS SDR 6

10 years warranty

Polypropylene pipes Pro Aqua RUBIS, reinforced with fiberglass, are used in systems of low-temperature radiator heating (in the absence of increased requirements for oxygen permeability of pipes), in systems of drinking hot and cold water supply, air conditioning and in industrial piping networks. PRO AQUA factory produces two modifications of polypropylene pipes Pro Aqua RUBIS - SDR6 and SDR7,4


The structure of Pro Aqua RUBIS pipes consists of several layers, the middle layer includes fiberglass composite materials. The price of such pipes is slightly higher than of polypropylene pipes, but it is offset by the operational advantages of reinforced pipelines.

The pipe, reinforced with fiberglass, exceeds the polypropylene counterparts, due to such an important parameter as the minimum coefficient of thermal expansion. The pipe with fiberglass is less affected by temperature distortion, it is convenient to install and is able to maintain shape under low static loads for a long time. Reinforced polypropylene pipes can be successfully used for transporting hot coolants. When heated from + 20° to + 70°C, the elongation of the composite pipeline is about 1,75 mm per meter.

In addition, Pro Aqua RUBIS polypropylene reinforced pipes have high rigidity and mechanical strength.

The reinforced polypropylene pipes with fiber glass are made by method of multilayered extrusion. The structure of the pipe consists of three layers: the outer and inner shells are made of polypropylene, and glass fibers are added to the intermediate layer with temperature changes, stabilizing the linear dimensions of the pipeline during expansion associated with temperature changes.


The price of polypropylene pipe reinforced with fiberglass depends on several factors, including the diameter of the pipe and the thickness of its wall. Pro Aqua fiber-reinforced polypropylene pipes are available in various diameters 20 to 125 mm. The price of reinforced pipes depends on the value of the SDR ratio (the ratio of the diameter to the wall thickness of the pipe). Depending on the temperature conditions and the area where the polypropylene pipeline will be used, special attention should be paid to these parameters when choosing a pipe. The right choice will guarantee the durability and strength of the pipeline.



  • Type: PRO AQUA polypropylene pipes and fittings
  • Purpose: for water supply / for heating
  • Maximum operating temperature: +95°С
  • Material: Polypropylene (Polypropylene Random Co-polymer) 100 type 3
  • Reinforcement type: Fiberglass
  • Colour: White, gray, green
  • Life time: 50 years
  • Linear expansion ratio: 0,035 mm/(mK)
  • GOST: 32415-2013


Application area:

  • in systems of cold and hot water supply, in systems of heating, and water treatment residential, administrative and industrial buildings;
  • when laying pneumatic lines, technological pipelines (subject to transportation of substances to which polypropylene is chemically resistant);
  • for external networks of hot and cold water supply (including channelless laying);
  • in the combined fire water supply systems.