The 40th international wide-profile exhibition of the construction industry The Big 5 Show 2019 began its work on November 25 at the Dubai World Trade Center. The largest Russian manufacturer of engineering equipment, the PRO AQUA factory, presented to guests and participants of the event a wide range of polypropylene pipelines for water supply, heating and sewage.

According to the organizers, about ten thousand people visited the exhibition on the first day of the exhibition. Today, on the second exhibition day, a significant increase in the number of visitors is expected. Specialists from around the world came to attend the landmark event in the construction industry. Many of them are regular visitors to the exhibition for many years. Thanks to the Big 5 Show, they were able to find new partners who later became their regular customers. According to the organizers, participants from more than 134 countries are represented at the Big 5 Show.

At the stand of the «PRO AQUA» factory exhibited the main product lines of the Russian company, one of them - pipes and fittings Pro Aqua for water supply and heating systems. At the moment, the company produces polypropylene systems in three colors: white, gray and green. Pro Aqua pipes and fittings have technical passports and all necessary certificates of conformity. The products of the «PRO AQUA» factory are actively exported to a number of foreign countries.

Sewerage systems at the stand of the company "PRO AQUA" are represented by three product groups: standard pipes and fittings Polytron Comfort, a line of low-noise Sewerage Polytron Stilte and pipelines silent Sewerage Polytron Stilte Plus.

Polytron Comfort pipes and fittings are available in a wide range, which allows you to mount the system of any complexity. Low-noise Sewerage Polytron Stilte has improved noise qualities, reducing the sound effects of flowing water several times. Silent sewerage Polytron Stilte Plus is designed to create acoustic comfort. In the production of pipes and fittings, a special composite material is used, and their walls are so thick that they almost completely block the sound of the draining water. The silent sewer pipelines have been tested and certified by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. The quality of all product lines produced under the Polytron brand corresponds to foreign analogues.

In addition, the stand of the factory presents pipes made from PE-RT under Pro Aqua brand. These products are successfully used for hot water supply and heating, as well as for the organization of the floor heating system. Most often, polyethylene pipes are equipped with axial fittings Pro Aqua, which can also be seen on the "PRO AQUA" stand. Cross-linked polyethylene pipes and axial fittings form reliable hermetic connections that are designed for long lifetime.

A line of shut-off and control valves Pro Aqua is also exhibited at the PRO AQUA factory stand. All items are made of high quality brass, which guarantees the reliability and long lifetime of this product line.
Take a closer look and test the products of the PRO AQUA factory you can on our stand F 28, in hall № 1. Experienced technical specialists will tell you about the advantages of our products and answer all your questions. We are waiting for you at our stand!