Silent pipes for drainage and waste water systems

Pro Aqua team would like to introduce high-quality soundproof system Stilte PLUS. Polytron Stilte PLUS series consists of pipes and fittings of DN/OD 58, 110, 160 and 200 mm standard sizes.

Outer diameter of Polytron Stilte PLUS pipes and fittings complies with standard sizes of SML sewage, and may be combined with these pipes via a regular joining clamp for cast-iron pipes.  


According to the tests performed at the Fraunhofer Institute (Stuttgart, Germany), noise level in the UG rear room when using Polytron Stilte Plus system not to exceed 17 dB(A) at 4 l/S.

Pipes and fittings feature a higher ring stiffness, resistance to high temperatures (shortly to 95°С).


Thanks to reduced  temperature expansion, socket joint may be done without expansion gap.

Polytron Stilte PLUS pipes and fittings are significantly lighter than cast-iron fittings, and in contrast to the SML system, pipe connection is performed in socket style, which is considerably quicker.

Plastic pipes are not subject to corrosion, and don’t conduct electricity , which also increases reliability of the system.

Owing to a plain inner surface, and smooth curves of fittings, risk in clogging of pipe cross section is reduced.


System main advantages:

  • Temperature resistance to 95°С i.e. higher than PVC and PE pipes by 30°С
  • Noise level to 10 times lower than sewage according  EN 1451
  • Higher ring stiffness - good for underground installation
  • Chemically inert and do not corrode. Unlike cast-iron pipes, no coating, which damage results in pipe corrosion
  • Impact resistance to 2 times higher than the common PP sewage
  • Do not require specialized clamps for attachment or joining (in contrast to SML pipes)
  • Lighter than cast-iron pipes and fittings by 3-5 times
  • Resistant to abrasive wear
  • Roughness lower than cast-iron pipes by 10 times i.e. not subject to clogging of cross-section


Stilte PLUS are produced at Pro Aqua factory in Russia. 10 years warranty.