Low noise drainage system POLYTRON STILTE

Pro Aqua team would like to introduce high-quality low noise system Stilte.


Pipes and fittings of Polytron Stilte series create acoustic comfort in premise while remaining very affordable.

Ø 110,Ø 160 and Ø 200 pipe consists of three layers: outer and inner are produced  of pure polypropylene, middle one is made of composition based on  polypropylene reinforced with mineral filler.

The latest technology of three-layer extrusion pipe and materials modified with mineral additives have raised disposal of waste water systems within the building structure on a higher level.

Such a multi-layer design features a significant stiffness, elevated resistance to impact, and due to the use of mineral additives and increased wall thickness, it absorbs noises well. Advantages of polypropylene, namely resistance to high temperatures, up to 95°C (short-term), higher  chemical and abrasive resistance are preserved, and mineral additives  allow minimizing thermal expansion, and reducing thermal conductivity.


Polytron Stilte series consists of pipes and fittings of DN/OD 32, 40, 50, 75, 110, 160 and 200 mm standard sizes.

Fittings and 32-75 mm diameter pipes of Polytron Stilte series are monolith and made of composite based on polypropylene.

Advantages of Politron Stilte system:

  • Temperature resistance to 95°С i.e. higher than PVC and PE pipes by 30°С
  • Chemically inert and do not corrode. Unlike cast-iron pipes, no coating, which damage results in pipe corrosion
  • Lighter than cast-iron pipes and fittings by 5-7 times
  • Temperature resistance to 95°С i.e. higher than PVC and PE pipes by 30°С
  • Simple and easy way of transport and loading
  • Fast and cheap assembling
  • Connections assembled through the socket with inserted rubber ring (O-rings are made of EPDM material (according to EN681)).
  • White color allows easy maintenance of pipe system
  • Fully compatible with Polytron Comfort system of PP pipes and fittings
  • Service life of the system is longer than 50 years


Polytron Stilte produced at Pro Aqua factory in Russia with 10 years of guarantee.