PE-Xa pipes by Pro Aqua

The special feature of PE-Xa pipes is the molecular-thermal memory, which allows you to quick recovering the structure of the pipe when it breaks during installing. The presence of an oxygen diffusion tight layer EVOH provides protection against the penetration of oxygen into the coolant. Pipelines made of cross-linked PE-Xa are not subject to corrosion and overgrowth of the cross section.


Advantages of Pro Aqua PE-Xa system:

  • Full range of products – pipes for underfloor heating, heating, water supply and fittings for them
  • Reliable brass products – only high-quality brass CW617N
  • Increased safety margin
  • 10-year warranty, service life of at least 50 years-reliable
  • Minimum training for assembling and simple tooling
  • No rubber seals – the connection is maintenance-free
  • 10-year warranty, service life of at least 50 years
  • Available tool for installation by reasonable price
  • Minimal hydraulic resistance is much less than on other types of fittings

PE-Xa Pro Aqua pipes produced according to the SDR 7.4 standard in standard sizes 16x2.2; 20x2.8; 25x3.5, 32x4.4, 40x5.5.