New product! PRO AQUA union nut Eurocone!

Pro Aqua Company presents a brand new product in the line of axial fittings - PRO AQUA union nut Eurocone.


This product is the easiest way to connect PE-Xa SDR 7.4 and PE-RT SDR 7.4 pipes to collectors and other products with 3/4 Eurocone male threads. The Eurocone standard guarantees a fast and reliable connection that doesn't require additional tightening during operating time. Meanwhile the axial connection to the pipe provides a long-lasting tight connection without reducing the flow and without the rubber seals.


New items are available in two sizes 16x3/4 (AX6001634.EK) and 20x3/4 (AX6002034.EK) and are available in stock.