New product – PRO AQUA silicone grease aerosol for socket joints.

PRO AQUA silicone grease makes it easy to install sewage and drainage systems without damaging seals. Resistant to water, moisture, high and low temperatures.


The advantages of silicone grease:

  • the process of installing pipes and fittings for sewage and drainage systems is facilitated;
  • system mobility during exploitation operation is ensured;
  • rubber seals are protected against drying out and twisting.

Main characteristics:

           - heat- and cold- resistant (works from -30 °C to +60 degrees °C);

           - has a high colloidal stability;

           - non-toxic;

           - is easy to apply;

           - doesn't stain;

           - suitable for outdoor and indoor systems;

           - volume: 400 ml;

           - expiration date: 2 years.


Order number: lube0400