Air admittance valves

We are pleased to present the widest range of fittings for waste water supply, rain water and drainage systems. We started production of  air admittance  valves (50,110 diameters).

The PRO AQUA air admittance sewage valve designed according to EN 12380, and it is used in domestic sewage systems to prevent unpleasant odors, harmful gases, and vapors from entering the room, as well as to compensate the negative pressure in the system.  The valves has wide flow section which allows it let trough  huge amount of air

Material Polypropylene (PP)

  • resistant to hot water
  • absolute corrosion resistance
  • low weight
  • smooth inner surface

Application: Drainage within the building structure as

  • waste water pipe
  • rain water pipe

Pro Aqua factory would kindly remind you that all products manufactured at our plant have warranty - 10 years from the date of production.