AENOR certificates

We are happy to inform you that Pro Aqua factory received the second AENOR certificate for  Polypropylene (PP-R) pipes for hot and cold water installations.


The AENOR Mark symbolizes product quality and safety and demonstrates compliance with the requirements of standards and technical specifications. It is also a differentiating factor, as it helps to generate confidence in a company's organizational structure, customers, shareholders, employees and social environment, as well as public administrations.


AENOR, the leading certification entity in Spain, offers the widest catalogue of certifications with efficient solutions to the specific needs of organizations.


Certification is an effective tool that contributes to improving efficiency in business management and building confidence among all economic agents.


We are very proud that quality of Pro Aqua PP-R pipes for hot and cold water installations was marked with AENOR certificate. Pro Aqua factory is the first and the only manufacturer in Russia whose quality was approved by AENOR – certification.


Pro Aqua factory would kindly remind you that all products manufactured at our plant have warranty - 10 years from the date of production.